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The war is over, no new car for me. LAPTOP TIME!

I need a new laptop. Im looking for one with decent battery life, but can still play all my games out there.

Must have:
-no less than 12GB of memory.
-no less than a 500GB HDD.
-15' to 17' both are ok.
-Intel Q i7 or i5, prefer i7Q. 2.0GHz or bettter.
-Blu-ray is a plus.
-1920x1080 resolution.

Brands that grind my gears:

-NO DELLS! Fuck Dell and Alienware.
-No Toshibas either.
-Stay clear of ...
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Soup Slayfest homies! Thought I would start a thread for neat Security related tips/tricks/hacks and other goodies of things that I find that might be relevant to your interests.

To start, these are some really good online file scanners (they can also scan URL's) and they check multiple virus databases so you don't have to rely on just one source. i.e. ClamAV, Anti-Virus, etc. They check them all! They work well and are pretty fast: ...
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Linux Server Tutorials

Hey homies! I started this project last month where I am writing tutorials to help people who have never managed a Linux server. It's at:

I force re-direct to SSL (Https) so you don't have to worry about me haxorzin your box :D (For those of you who know what I do at work)

Clean,simple, no-frills site. If you ...
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[How-To] Network Adapter Priority

This is a common issue at LAN parties resulting in the failure of a game to find the broadcasts from the game server. Thus the game server will not list in the server browser. This is a guide on how to change the priority of your network adapter.

This should work on Windows Vista, 7, or Server 2008.

  1. Start>Run>ncpa.cpl
  2. Next you need the file menu bar so press alt+n to get the Advanced Drop down. ...
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Picture Not Crisp

I put together a computer for my cousin:
2 XFX HD-567X-ZNF3 Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
Item #: N82E16814150467
($99.99 ea)
1 LG E2360V 23" Full HD LED BackLight LCD Monitor Slim Design
Item #: N82E16824005196
The rest of the computer components:1 CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model ...
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Script or program to swap Default Audio Device

I got a Logitech G930 Headset:
I want to program one of the programmable buttons on it to switch sound back to the speakers.
I tried to use script for the job, but its been waaaay too long sense I did anything useful. I cant even FIND the default audio device location in the registry to see if altering that will do the job (Windows 7). Changeing it in via control panel will get old ...
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Trick for removing dead tracks from iTunes

I recently restructured how I organize my ipod and found that I had about 250 dead tracks. I didnt feel like searching for each one to delete them. I've tried some itunes library updaters with little success. Also with the ever expanding FLAC collection I have I will be replacing my low quality MP3's for Higher bitrate ones. So I may need to delete dead tracks again.

So began my googling.

Here's the first part ...
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Headset Repair

My Steel Series 5h v2 USB mic failed from retracting and extending the mic boom on occasion. I never felt that I was being rough on it. It just seemed to stop working.

There are 4 screws under the ear comfort foam. You just have to peel it back a bit to find the screws. Have your fine tip phillips screwdriver ready.

Well I took apart the left earpiece to see why my mic stopped ...
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Netflix Silverlight

I got netflix for my wife and myself and I'm trying to stream the movies to my computer (and to the wii later when we get the disk they are apparently sending us). Apparelty it requires Microsoft Silverlight to watch (because like most people, they suck ass and cant just provide it in a standard fashion rather then attempt to force some dumbass software in the way). I got that installed (supposedly) but it sticks ...
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ASUS F8Sn CPU Upgrade

After hours on Google, I couldn't find the answer for this...

My sister wants to upgrade the CPU in her F8Sn from her T9300 (2.53GHz 800MHz FSB) to a T9800 (2.93GHz 1066MHz FSB). My question is whether or not the F8Sn can support the 1066MHz fsb. I don't want her to spend 500$ on a CPU if it's not going to work.

ASUS Tech Support was useless, they won't provide information because CPU upgrades are ...
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